International Sales of Natural Horse Products

The brand Growrse contacted us to design their brand strategy, visual identity and website for international distribution. We designed a turnkey image for them and provided a strategic plan for their ongoing international development.

  • Branding
  • Web development
  • E-Commerce
  • Digital Marketing

A Powerful and Consistent Positioning

The brand strategy was developed to ensure that the company was positioned in line with its target market. Once the brand strategy guidelines were perfectly defined by our specialists, our UX designers and marketers designed a coherent and efficient digital presence.

A Clear and Immersive Customer Experience

A successful e-commerce must provide an unforgettable experience for the consumer. Delivering the right message while informing the customer correctly about each product is a crucial function that has been carefully considered and implemented on this project.


A Brand Strategy Impacts the Growth of a Business

The horse care market is a competitive one, so it is important when creating a new brand to position yourself well, build your offer to target the right segment and plan your expansion in the right way. Once this strategic work is done, the marketing plan and the development of the visual identity and the e-commerce site itself must be properly conducted so as to be consistent with what has been defined upstream and to provide the best conversion rates.

A Clear Offer for Optimal Conversion Rates

An online shop must deliver maximum financial performance in order for its owner to establish and implement a successful and profitable customer acquisition strategy. The conversion rates of visitors into customers and the optimization of the average basket are all the more crucial as they are directly linked to the ROAS of the campaigns and therefore to the growth of the company.

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