International Equine Law Firm

The partners of an equine law firm in formation contacted us to design their corporate strategy and visual identity. Our branding specialists, marketers and graphic designers worked together to deliver an international image that would position the firm successfully.

  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Design

The Story of a Brand Begins with its Name

To be memorable and create a relationship of trust with its target, a brand must be able to tell a solid story that is consistent with its positioning, and that starts with its name. So we started there with the use of Latin, Lex meaning law and Equos meaning horses. Using this language immediately evokes the nobility of the scholastic thinkers and their contribution to the origins of law. A prestige that is perfectly associated with horse riding.

Multiple Variations

We have adapted the visual identity of LexEquos to different media for a relevant communication with its target. Indeed, to reach each segment of a target and obtain optimal performance, it is preferable to adapt its communication, its messages and its commercial supports, which is exactly what we did for LexEquos.

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